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Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Aegyptiaka: Egyptian Religious Values and Demonic Motifs in Archaic Greece Abstract
Panagiotis Kousoulis
Vol 2, No 3: JAEI August 2010 Ahhotep’s Silver Ship Model: The Minoan Context Abstract
Shelley Wachsmann
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 American Research Center in Egypt - 68th Annual Meeting Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 16: December 2017 Amulets in Context: A View from Late Bronze Age Tel Azekahs Abstract
Ido Koch, Sabine Kleiman, Manfred Oeming, Yuval Gadot, Oded Lipschits
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 Amun in Meroitic Nubia: The Case of the Hamadab Stela Abstract
Marco Baldi
Vol 5, No 2: JAEI June, 2013 An Analysis of Two Theories Proposing Domestic Goats, Sheep, and Other Goods Were Imported into Egypt by Sea During the Neolithic Period Abstract
Samuel Mark
Vol 15: September 2017 An Anonymous Coffin and Cartonnage from Lahun: Retrieving the Archaeological Records Abstract
Mohamed Gamal Rashed
Vol 15: September 2017 An Egyptian Game in Athens Abstract
Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi, Walter Crist, Alex de Voogt
Vol 4, No 2: JAEI June 2012 An Egyptian Loanword in the Book of Isaiah and the Deir 'Alla Inscription: Heb. nṣr, Aram. nqr, and Eg. nṯr as “[Divinized] Corpse” Abstract
Christopher B. Hays
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 An Enigmatic Site Near Debabiya: Desert and Nilotic Interconnections During the Late Roman Period Abstract
Colleen Manassa
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Ancient Corpses as Curiosities: Mummymania in the Age of Early Travel Abstract
Tessa T. Baber
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Ancient Egypt on Stage from Bonaparte's Military Campaign up to the Present Time Abstract
Jean-Marcel Humbert
Vol 15: September 2017 Androgyny and Fecundity: Some Features of the Aegyptiaca around the Mediterranean Abstract
Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi
Vol 20: December 2018 Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, André Pelle, and Mervat Seif el-Din—Resurrection in Alexandria: The Painted Greco-Roman Tombs of Kom al-Shuqafa Abstract
Patricia A. Butz
Vol 15: September 2017 Annual Meeting of DEGUwA e.v. on Underwater Archaeology: in Poseidens reich XXiii: waters as a resource, 15–18 March 2018 Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 20: December 2018 Appearance and Reality in Ancient Egyptian Votive Animal Mummies Abstract
Lidija McKnight, Richard Bibb, Roberta Mazza, Andrew Chamberlain
Vol 1, No 3: JAEI July 2009 Applying a Multi- Analytical Approach to the Investigation of Ancient Egyptian Influence in Nubian Communities: The Socio- Cultural Implications of Chemical Variation in Ceramic Styles Abstract
Julia Carrano, Stuart T. Smith, George Herbst, Gary H. Girty, Carl J. Carrano, Jeffrey R. Ferguson
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Archaeological Excavations at Cecil B. Demille's 1923 The Ten Commandments Film Set, Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, California Abstract
M. Colleen Hamilton, Joseph M. Nixon
Vol 7, No 2: JAEI June 2015 Are the Bearers of the Pan-Grave Archaeological Culture Identical to the Madjay-People in the Egyptian Textual Record? Abstract
Kate Liszka
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 Armenian Egyptology Center Research Program 2013-14 Abstract
Christian de Vartavan
Vol 6, No 1: JAEI March 2014 – Nubian Interconnections At the Border between Egypt and Nubia: Skeletal Material from El-Hesa Cemetery 2 Abstract
Vincent Francigny, Alex de Voogt, Joanna Kahn, William Harcourt-Smith
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 “Artefacts of Excavation”: A Transnational Perspective on Ancient Egypt in the Modern World Abstract
Alice Stevenson
Vol 12: JAEI December 2016 – People on the Move “He Will Raise an Ensign to a Nation Afar, Whistle to One at the End of the Earth”: The Assyrian and Babylonian Armies as Described in Prophetic Texts and Mesopotamian Inscriptions Abstract
Idan Breier
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 “Negotiating Chronology and Geography in Museum Spaces: Africa and Egypt on Display,” at the College Art Association in February 2016 Abstract
Amanda H. Hellman, Rachel P. Kreiter
Vol 17: March 2018 - Egyptology and Anthropology “Taking Ancient Egyptian Mortuary Religion Seriously”: Why Would We, and How Could We? Abstract
Rune Nyord
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