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Vol 5, No 1: JAEI March 2013 – Seafaring and Maritime Interconnections Editorial: In This Issue Details
JAEI Staff
Vol 12: JAEI December 2016 – People on the Move Egypt and Assyria in Isaiah 11:11–16 Abstract
Dan'el Khan
Vol 4, No 3: JAEI September 2012 Egypt and Israel: The Ways of Cultural Contacts in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age (20th – 26th Dynasty) Abstract
Bernd U. Schipper
Vol 3, No 4: JAEI November 2011 Egypt and the Chad: Some Additional Remarks Abstract
Thomas Schneider
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Egypt and the Mediterranean: Cultural Crossroads during the First Millennium BCE Abstract
Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 Egypt as Cultural Crossroad: Historical and Archaeological Studies Between Tradition and Innovative Technologies Abstract
Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi
Vol 3, No 1: JAEI March 2011 Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean During the Old Kingdom: An Archaeological Perspective, by K. N. Sowada Abstract
Anna Wodzińska
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Egypt's Cultural Relations and Egyptian Phonology in the 3rd Millennium B.C.E. Abstract
Thomas Schneider
Vol 9: JAEI June 2016 Egypt’s Role in the Origins of Science: An Essay in Aligning Conditions, Evidence and Interpretations Abstract
David A. Warburton
Vol 1, No 2: JAEI April 2009 Egyptian Amethyst in the Bronze Age Aegean Abstract
Jacke Phillips
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 Egyptian Demonology within the Phylogenetic and Polymorphic Environment of the Late Period and Ptolemaic Egypt: Searching for Modes of Demonic Conception, Progression and Praxis Abstract
Panagiotis Kousoulis
Vol 18: June 2018 - Egypt's Role in the Hebrew Bible Egyptian Gola in Prophetic and Pentateuchal Traditions: A Socio-Historical Perspective Abstract
Jaeyoung Jeon
Vol 3, No 3: JAEI August 2011 Egyptian Gold in Prepalatial Crete? A Consideration of the Evidence Abstract
Cynthia S. Colburn
Vol 4, No 1: JAEI March 2012 Egyptian Ideas, Minoan Rituals: Evidence of the Interconnections between Crete and Egypt in the Bronze Age on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus Abstract
Paula L. Martino
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Egyptian Imports from Tomb VII at Tell Mišrife/Qatna (Syria) Abstract
Alexander Ahrens
Vol 7, No 3: JAEI September 2015 – Ancient Mediterranean Interconnections Egyptian Influence and Aegean Transformation at Akrotiri, Thera: The Jug no. 8960 With a Libation Scene Abstract
Emilia Banou
Vol 20: December 2018 Egyptianizing Practices and Cultural Hybridity in the Southern Levant During the Late Bronze Age Abstract
Louise Steel
Vol 6, No 3: JAEI September 2014 Egyptian-Style Pottery Dated to the 13th Century BCE at Hazor, Megiddo and Lachish: Corpus, Ware Fabrics and Typology Abstract
Katia Charbit Nataf
Vol 2, No 2: JAEI May 2010 Elysion and Egypt Abstract
Nanno Marinatos, A. Sebastian Anderson
Vol 9: JAEI June 2016 Exhibition Announcement – Pharaoh in Canaan: The Untold Story. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 7, No 1: JAEI March 2015 – The Sinai Peninsula Explorations in El-Markha Plain, South Sinai: Preliminary Findings at Tell Markha (Site 346) and Elsewhere Abstract
Gregory Mumford
Vol 5, No 2: JAEI June, 2013 Fishing for Meaning: The Significance of Net Weights, Fishhooks and Netting Needles in Mortuary Contexts at Tell el-‘Ajjul Abstract
Rachael Thyrza Sparks
Vol 14: JAEI June 2017 Five "New" Deities in the Roman Pantheon at Gebel el-Silsila Abstract
Maria Nilsson, John Ward
Vol 20: December 2018 Food Heritage: Proximate Composition Analysis of Forelegs of Steers (“Oxen”) and Their Pharaonic Cultural Context Abstract
Eslam Adel Attaallah Mohammed Salem, Mahmoud M. Hewedi, Aly Abdalla, Tamer Fahim, Fatma Khalil
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 Foreign Deities in Egypt during the Late Bronze Age: Aspects of Religious Adaptation and Assimiliation Abstract
Anna Kalaitzaki
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