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Vol 15: September 2017 13th International Conference of Demotic Studies (iDs), Bibliotheca Albertina, Leipzig, 3–8 september 2017 Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 5, No 3: JAEI September 2013 9th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East Details
. JAEI Staff
Vol 10: JAEI September 2016 – Ex Terra Scientia A Bibliography and Filmography of David Soren Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 A Comparison of the Historiography of Egypt and the Ancient Near East from the Third to First Millennium Abstract
L. R. Siddall & Jackson
Vol 9: JAEI June 2016 A Corpus of Nineteenth Dynasty Egyptian Pottery from Zawiyet Umm El-Rakham Abstract
Nicky Nielsen
Vol 1, No 3: JAEI July 2009 A Cuneiform Legal Presence in “The Report of Wenamun”? Abstract
James Elliott Campbell
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond A Curatorial Dilemma: An Examination of Temporary Exhibitions Combining African and Egyptian Visual Culture Abstract
Elizabeth Cummins
Vol 1, No 3: JAEI July 2009 A Devastated Foreign Landscape Depicted in Luxor Temple Abstract
Danielle Phelps
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond A Different Kind of Digging: Social Anthropology as Archaeological Fieldwork Practice Abstract
Kees van der Spek
Vol 1, No 4: JAEI December 2009 A Geographical Analysis of the Injunctive in the Amarna Letters from Syria-Palestine and its Relevance for Egyptian Imperialism Abstract
Luisl Robert Siddal
Vol 7, No 2: JAEI June 2015 A Late Bronze Age Canaanite Merchant's Hoard of Gold Artifacts and Hematite Weights from the Yavneh-Yam Anchorage, Israel Abstract
Amir Golani, Ehud Galili
Vol 5, No 1: JAEI March 2013 – Seafaring and Maritime Interconnections A Late Period Riverine and Maritime Port Town and Cult Center at Tell Tebilla (Ro-nefer) Abstract
Gregory Mumford
Vol 3, No 4: JAEI November 2011 A Long Walk in the Desert: A Study of the Roman Hydreumata along the Trade Routes between the Red Sea and the Nile Abstract
Christina W.M. Scott
Vol 13: JAEI March 2017 – Chronological Conundrums A Maximalist Interpretation of the Execration Texts—Archaeological and Historical Implications of a High Chronology Abstract
Katharina Streit
Vol 4, No 1: JAEI March 2012 A. Merriman-- Egyptian Watercraft Models: From the Predynastic to Third Intermediate Periods Details
Pearce Paul Creasman
Vol 9: JAEI June 2016 A Mnḫprrꜥ Scarab from Tel Abel Beth Maacah Abstract
Arlette David, Robert A. Mullins, Nava Panitz-Cohen
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 A Multi-Analytical Approach Applied to the Archaeometric Study of a Greco-Roman Decorated Wooden Panel from Egypt Abstract
Dina El Sherbiny, Naglaa M. Ali, Shaaban Abd El Aal, Jean Marc Vallet
Vol 7, No 3: JAEI September 2015 – Ancient Mediterranean Interconnections A Mycenaean Open-Air Cult Place in Iklaina Abstract
Michael B. Cosmopoulos
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 A Note on an Amenhotep III Plaque from Tel Burna Abstract
Deborah R. Cassuto, Ido Koch, Itzhaq Shai
Vol 14: JAEI June 2017 A Note on the Geographical Distribution of New Kingdom Egyptian Inscriptions from the Levant Abstract
Eythan Levy
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 A Note on Working with Mummies in the Field Abstract
Salima Ikram
Vol 6, No 4: JAEI December 2014 A Preliminary Look at Theban Tomb 119 and its Scene of "Foreign Tribute" Abstract
Andrew Hunt Gordon
Vol 2, No 2: JAEI May 2010 A Proto-Sinaitic Inscription in Timna/Israel: New Evidence on the Emergence of the Alphabet Abstract
Stefan Jakob Wimmer
Vol 6, No 4: JAEI December 2014 A Ptolemaic Royal Portrait in the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona Abstract
Irene Bald Romano
Vol 17: March 2018 - Egyptology and Anthropology A Question of Substance: Interpreting Kinship and Relatedness in Ancient Egypt Abstract
Leire Olabarria
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