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Vol 25: March 2020 - Demonology About This Journal Details
JAEI Staff
Vol 5, No 3: JAEI September 2013 Accumulations: Updating the Role of Cypriot Bichrome Ware in Egypt Abstract
Irmgard Hein, Ragna Stidsing
Vol 5, No 2: JAEI June, 2013 Adam Zertal (ed.), El–Ahwat, A Fortified Site from the Early Iron Age Near Nahal ‘Iron, Israel: Excavations 1993–2000, Culture & History of the Ancient Near East 24 Abstract
Jeffrey P. Emanuel
Vol 3, No 1: JAEI March 2011 Addendum Details
Editorial Board
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 Aegean Emissaries in the Tomb of Senenmut and Their Gift to the Egyptian King Abstract
Uroš Matić
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 Aegyptiaca in the Northern Levant: New Insights into the Contextualization and Reception of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Objects During the Bronze Age Abstract
Alexander Ahrens
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 Aegyptiaca Symposium, Rhodes, Greece, 15–17 December 2016 Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Aegyptiaka: Egyptian Religious Values and Demonic Motifs in Archaic Greece Abstract
Panagiotis Kousoulis
Vol 2, No 3: JAEI August 2010 Ahhotep’s Silver Ship Model: The Minoan Context Abstract
Shelley Wachsmann
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 American Research Center in Egypt - 68th Annual Meeting Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 Amun in Meroitic Nubia: The Case of the Hamadab Stela Abstract
Marco Baldi
Vol 5, No 2: JAEI June, 2013 An Analysis of Two Theories Proposing Domestic Goats, Sheep, and Other Goods Were Imported into Egypt by Sea During the Neolithic Period Abstract
Samuel Mark
Vol 4, No 2: JAEI June 2012 An Egyptian Loanword in the Book of Isaiah and the Deir 'Alla Inscription: Heb. nṣr, Aram. nqr, and Eg. nṯr as “[Divinized] Corpse” Abstract
Christopher B. Hays
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 An Enigmatic Site Near Debabiya: Desert and Nilotic Interconnections During the Late Roman Period Abstract
Colleen Manassa
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Ancient Corpses as Curiosities: Mummymania in the Age of Early Travel Abstract
Tessa T. Baber
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Ancient Egypt on Stage from Bonaparte's Military Campaign up to the Present Time Abstract
Jean-Marcel Humbert
Vol 1, No 3: JAEI July 2009 Applying a Multi- Analytical Approach to the Investigation of Ancient Egyptian Influence in Nubian Communities: The Socio- Cultural Implications of Chemical Variation in Ceramic Styles Abstract
Julia Carrano, Stuart T. Smith, George Herbst, Gary H. Girty, Carl J. Carrano, Jeffrey R. Ferguson
Vol 8: JAEI March 2016 – Egyptomania and Beyond Archaeological Excavations at Cecil B. Demille's 1923 The Ten Commandments Film Set, Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, California Abstract
M. Colleen Hamilton, Joseph M. Nixon
Vol 7, No 2: JAEI June 2015 Are the Bearers of the Pan-Grave Archaeological Culture Identical to the Madjay-People in the Egyptian Textual Record? Abstract
Kate Liszka
Vol 5, No 4: JAEI December 2013 Armenian Egyptology Center Research Program 2013-14 Abstract
Christian de Vartavan
Vol 6, No 1: JAEI March 2014 – Nubian Interconnections At the Border between Egypt and Nubia: Skeletal Material from El-Hesa Cemetery 2 Abstract
Vincent Francigny, Alex de Voogt, Joanna Kahn, William Harcourt-Smith
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 “Artefacts of Excavation”: A Transnational Perspective on Ancient Egypt in the Modern World Abstract
Alice Stevenson
Vol 12: JAEI December 2016 – People on the Move “He Will Raise an Ensign to a Nation Afar, Whistle to One at the End of the Earth”: The Assyrian and Babylonian Armies as Described in Prophetic Texts and Mesopotamian Inscriptions Abstract
Idan Breier
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 “Negotiating Chronology and Geography in Museum Spaces: Africa and Egypt on Display,” at the College Art Association in February 2016 Abstract
Amanda H. Hellman, Rachel P. Kreiter
Vol 7, No 4: JAEI December 2015 “The King’s Messenger in Front of his Army”: Possible New Evidence for Horemheb’s Contacts with the Northern Levant Abstract
Alexander Ahrens
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