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Hameeuw, Hendrik, Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels University of Leuven, Faculty of Arts—Near Eastern Studies
Hamilton, M. Colleen, Applied Earthworks, Inc.
Harcourt-Smith, William
Hartung, Ulrich, German Archaeological Institute Cairo
Hasel, Michael G., Institute of Archaeology, Southern Adventist University
Hays, Christopher B.
Hays, Christopher B., Fuller Theological Seminary
Höflmayer, Felix, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Höflmayer, Felix, Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Hein, Irmgard, The University of Vienna (Austria)
Hellman, Amanda H., Michael C. Carlos Museum
Herbst, George, Department of Anthropology, University of California— Santa Barbara (United States)
Hoff, Michael, University of Nebraska
Hoffmeier, James K., Trinity International University
Hollis, Susan Tower, SUNY Empire State College
Howley, Kathryn, Brown University (United States)
Howley, Kathryn, Cambridge University
Hudáková, Ľubica, Institute for Egyptology, University of Vienna
Hulin, Linda, Oxford University (United States)
Hulin, Linda, Oriental Institute/Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford (Bahamas)
Hulin, Linda, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford
Hulin, Linda, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Oxford
Humbert, Jean-Marcel, Conservateur général honoraire du patrimoine (France)
Hummel, Rexine, The University of Toronto
Hussein, Hesham, North Sinai Ministry of Antiquities (United States)

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