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Vol 7, No 2: JAEI June 2015 Two Libyan Names in a Seventh Century Sale Document From Assur Abstract
Charles Draper
Vol 10: JAEI September 2016 – Ex Terra Scientia Unpublished or Little-known Archaeological Evidence of the Roman Period in the Territory of Lugnano in Teverina—Umbria (Italy) Abstract
Roberto Montagnetti
Vol 11: JAEI December 2016 Up from the Sea: Mariners’ Lives onshore in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean Abstract
Linda Hulin, Senta German
Vol 1, No 3: JAEI July 2009 Upcoming Conference: Egypt in its African Context Details
JAEI Editorial Staff
Vol 4, No 4: JAEI December 2012 Vartavan and Armenian Egyptology Centre (AEC) Research Program 2012-2013 Abstract
Christian de Vartavan
Vol 1, No 1: JAEI January 2009 Video test Abstract
JAEI Staff
Vol 9: JAEI June 2016 Wagons and Carts and Their Significance in Ancient Egypt Abstract
Heidi Köpp-Junk
Vol 15: September 2017 Walter Crist, Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi, Alex de Voogt—Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders Abstract
Margaret Geoga
Vol 6, No 4: JAEI December 2014 Wandering Rosettes: Qatna's Key to a Misunderstood Motif Abstract
Arlette David
Vol 7, No 3: JAEI September 2015 – Ancient Mediterranean Interconnections Was the "Minoan Genius" a God? An Essay on Near Eastern Deities and Demons in Aegean Bronze Age Iconography Abstract
Fritz Blakolmer
Vol 2, No 1: JAEI March 2010 Who is Meddling in Egypt’s Affairs? The Identity of the Asiatics in the Elephantine Stele of Sethnakhte and the Historicity of the Medinet Habu Asiatic War Reliefs Abstract
Dan’el Kahn
Vol 7, No 3: JAEI September 2015 – Ancient Mediterranean Interconnections Why is No One Eating? The Iconography of Feasting in the Ancient World Abstract
Lyvia Morgan
Vol 17: March 2018 - Egyptology and Anthropology Write to Dominate Reality: Graphic Alteration of Anthropomorphic Signs in the Pyramid Texts Abstract
Francesca Iannarilli
Vol 4, No 1: JAEI March 2012 Zipora Cochavi-Rainey-- The Akkadian Dialect of Egyptian Scribes in the 14th and 13th Centuries BCE Details
James Elliott Campbell
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