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The Impact of the Manifestation of Demoniacal Winds on Terrestrial Life: The Role of Demon Gangs in Dispersing the IAdt-rnpt

El Zahraa Megahed


IAdt-rnpt is the most recurrent impact upon people on earth that is identified with the role of demon gangs of Sekhmet. The manifestation of demons to spread the iAdt-rnpt is remarkably associated with the blowing of pathogenic air, an argument that raises the hypothesis of a miasmatic role of demons as manifested winds. This article enlightens some aspects of the relation between the manifestation of demons and the blowing of winds carrying disease. These aspects are principally entailed in a selection of texts from the Edwin Smith Papyrus and Papyrus Leiden I 346, and in the Calendars of Lucky and Unlucky Days.

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