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Mediterranean Influence in the Ceramic Assemblage of the Small-scale Settlement of Al-Qārah al-Ḥamrā

Hannah L. Ringheim


This paper explores the ceramic repertoire of Al-Qārah al-Ḥamrā, a small settlement in the Fayyūm on the north shore of Lake Qārūn, dating from the Hellenistic to Early Roman period. A selection of wares discovered is discussed and broadens the picture of activities occurring at the site. The paper further contributes to the understanding of the infiltration of Greek ceramic shapes and influences, the impact this had on a local community, and the transition to Early Roman wares. The ceramics also evince the trade connections between the Fayyūm, and the rest of Egypt and the Mediterranean, indicating the extent of exchange and communication outside the Fayyūm. Comparisons with Karanis, Tebtynis, and other larger sites point to a similarly diverse repertoire of materials and further stress the interconnectedness of this region. Such analysis is particularly relevant considering the paucity of archaeological data from small-scale Fayyūm settlements.

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