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Reevaluation of Connections Between Egypt and the Southern Levant in the Middle Bronze Age in Light of the New Higher Chronology

Susan L. Cohen


The Middle Bronze Age in the southern Levant has long been a period subject to chronological debate, discussion, and dissension. Despite the common use of conventional dates and correlations, there is in reality little consensus regarding the dates for either the beginning or the end of the period, with the result that its duration also remains in flux. Such chronological imprecision also results in an equal lack of clarity regarding the synchronisms and connections between the southern Levant and the regions and cultures around it, particularly in regard to ancient Egypt. The increasing availability of radiocarbon dates from secure stratigraphic locations, as well as the absolute chronology that results from them, however, now emphasizes the need to reevaluate the traditional and conventional synchronisms, contacts, and connections between these cultures and highlights the importance of understanding the significance of these changes in chronology for examining development in the southern Levant.

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