The University of Arizona

Revisiting the wind energy conflict in Gui'Xhi' Ro / Álvaro Obregón: interview with an indigenous anarchist

Alexander Dunlap


Revisiting the village of Álvaro Obregón, or Gui'Xhi' Ro in Zapotec, this interview discusses village life since the wind energy conflict of 2012-2015. This interview serves as a companion piece or epilogue to a previously published article in the Journal of Political Ecology (JPE), titled: "Insurrection for land, sea and dignity: resistance and autonomy against wind energy in Álvaro Obregón, Mexico" (2018). The interview discusses the subsequent skirmishes, shootings, debates over state funds, impact of migration, schooling programs and cultural revitalization projects that are shaping the autonomous process taking shape in Gui'Xhi' Ro.

Keywords: Wind energy; development; conflict; resistance; schooling; self-defense; post-development

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