The University of Arizona

Evaluation of the Seasonal and Annual Abortifacient Risk of Western Juniper Trees on Oregon Rangelands

Kevin D. Welch, Cory Parsons, Dale R. Gardner, Tim Deboodt, Peter Schreder, Daniel Cook, James A. Pfister, Kip E. Panter


On the Ground
• Western juniper trees can cause late term abortions
in cattle, similar to ponderosa pine trees.
• Results from this study demonstrate that there is no
difference in the labdane acid (the abortifacient
compounds) content of western juniper trees
throughout the year, or from year to year.
• Consequently the abortifacient risk of western
juniper trees should not vary throughout the year,
or from year to year.
• Producers who winter cattle in rangelands with
western juniper trees should take similar precautions
to prevent late term abortions as they would
with ponderosa pine trees.

Keywords: cattle, abortions, western juniper trees,
isocupressic acid, labdane acids.

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