The University of Arizona

A Review of Three Select Rangeland and Pastureland Quantitative Inventory Methods and Determining Estimated Stocking Rates

Joseph A. May


On the Ground
• In this article, I provide general guidance for conducting
select methods for quantifying principally herbaceous
standing crop on rangelands and pasturelands, but also
quantifying current yearTs shrub growth on rangelands.
• I discuss estimating by weight units, double-sampling,
and harvesting methods.
• I also discuss the 1/100th-acre extended plot for
determining current yearTs growth of medium to large
shrubs on rangelands and determining the estimation
of stocking rates for rangeland and pastureland.
• This article demonstrates how to determine the estimation
of stocking rates for rangeland and pastureland.
• The conservation application of my article is to
provide field personnel with sound quantitative
methods for determining approximate standing crop
of forage plants, in pounds per acre, for the express
purpose of determining a current and defensible
grazing capacity of a farm, ranch, or unit of public land.

Keywords: rangeland and pastureland quantitative
inventory, estimating by weight units, doublesampling
and harvest sampling, 1/100th-acre
extended plot, estimated stocking rates.

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