The University of Arizona

Developers of Ecological Site Description Find Benefits in Diverse Collaborations

Jamin Johanson, Maria Fernandez-Gimenez


On the Ground
• Ecological site descriptions (ESDs) are intended to
provide the best available information relevant to a
particular type of land and therefore should draw on
multiple sources of information and expertise.
• We surveyed participants from 16 interagency ESD
projects to understand better the process, benefits,
challenges, and keys to success for collaborative
ESD development.
• Collaborative ESD development involves federal
and state agencies, universities, nongovernmental
organizations, private landowners, and consultants
and provides perceived benefits that greatly outweigh
the challenges.
• The results of this study may improve the transparency
and credibility of ESD development by
encouraging the inclusion of diverse stakeholders.

Keywords: interagency, interdisciplinary, collaborative,
ESD development.

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