The University of Arizona

A Brief History of How the Society for Range Management was Founded

Larry D. Howery


On the Ground
• About eight decades ago, The Society for Range
Managements founders began to shape and refine
their collective vision to create a science-based
professional society that would serve as a platform
for learning and collaboration on all aspects of
rangeland management.
• The inaugural meeting in 1948 led to the founding
of the American Society of Range Management
(ASRM), a new journal dedicated to range science
and management (The Journal of Range Management),
an initial ASRM committee structure, and
decentralization of ASRM through the formation of
local sections.
• ASRM (now known as The Society for Range
Management or SRM) has achieved many milestones
and accomplishments since its founding.
Although todays issues are different and more
complex than in 1948, the basic leadership
principles espoused by the founders provide a
template for addressing the challenges that the
rangeland profession faces in the 21st century.

Keywords: American Society of Range Management
(ASRM), founders, leadership, principles, SRM, vision.

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