The University of Arizona

Women as Partners in Pastoral Production in Afghanistan

Catherine A. Schloeder, Michael J. Jacob, M. Dawood Sherzad, Zohal Maqsoodi, Hadia Banwal


In Afghanistan, 5% of the rural population is engaged almost exclusively in extensive livestock production (henceforth termed pastoral production) yet there have been few gender studies related to this livelihood, par- ticularly with respect to the role of women or the risks they face as partners. Pastoralists in Afghanistan are referred to as Kuchi—a term meaning to move in Persian, today. Afghani- stan’s Kuchi raise sheep and goats for multiple purposes in- cluding dairy, wool, hair, meat, and hide production (Fig. 1). They also play an integral role in Afghanistan’s economy by providing more than 75% of the live animals brought to mar- ket each year.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_rangelands_v35i6_schloeder 

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