The University of Arizona

Bringing History Into Range Management

Matthew Allen Pearce


Many range management professionals have an interest in the past, but they may have little idea as to how they can apply history to their current work. For over 100 years, range man- agers have worked steadily to improve rangelands and live- stock raising practices in the American West and throughout the world. Yet the Society for Range Management (SRM), founded in 1948, is only six decades old—relatively young for a scienti c association. I am happy to report that interest in this history has expanded within the Society in recent years. The plenary sessions for each of the three most recent annual meetings of SRM (Denver, Billings, and Spokane) featured at least one presentation about the history of rangelands or the range management profession. 

DOI: 10.2458/azu_rangelands_v35i1_pearce

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