The University of Arizona

Home on a Transitioning Range: A Ranch Simulation Game Demonstrating STMs

James Pritchett, Emily Kachergis, Jay Parsons, Maria Fernandez-Gimenez


State-and-transitions models (STMs) are becoming a preferred method for monitoring rangeland eco- systems and a key input in adaptive management strategies. Yet, land managers do not readily adopt these tools. In this article, we suggest a creative means for in- creasing awareness of STMs through active participation in a ranch management game accompanying an STM workshop. Recent evaluations indicate successful transmission of key concepts, but adoption of STMs will take time to measure. We review the impetus for developing the STM game, de- scribe the workshop/simulation game structure, and conclude with notable limitations and next steps. 

DOI: 10.2458/azu_rangelands_v34i3_pritchett

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