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Anthropogenic 14C Variations

Monika Segl, Ingeborg Levin, Hilla Schoch-Fischer, Marianne Munnich, Bernd Kromer, Joche Tschiersch, K. O. Munnich


Continuous 14C data of 1 or 2 weekly samples of atmospheric CO2 are presented, collected near two nuclear power plants (NPP-Biblis and NPPPhilippsburg) located in the rather densely populated upper Rhine valley, Tree-leaf and tree-ring samples from the area of a boiling water reactor in northern Germany (NPP-Wurgassen) are also presented and discussed. Additional atmospheric 1CO2 samples from two continental 'clean-air' stations in Germany and Austria were used as reference for the polluted areas. For January 1982, these samples yield a 'clean-air' 14C concentration in central Europe of ∆14C=255±5‰1 (7.7pCi/gC=1.45pCi/m3 air),

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