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The new (super 14) C analysis laboratory in Jena, Germany.

A Steinhof, G Adamiec, G Gleixner, T Wagner, GJ van Klinken


The new accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) Radiocarbon Analysis Laboratory in Jena is described. The laboratory developed a combustion system for solid samples and a CO (sub 2) extraction system for air samples. Thus far, sample preparation, including graphitization, was performed in the laboratory, and the samples were measured subsequently by other AMS facilities. Currently, the laboratory owns a 3MV AMS system from HVEE (Netherlands) that has passed the acceptance tests and will be used for routine (super 14) C determinations in the near future. The AMS system is equipped with 2 ion sources, one suitable for graphite targets and the second for both graphite and CO (sub 2) targets.


accelerator mass spectroscopy;C 14;carbon ;carbon cycle;carbon dioxide;Central Europe;Europe ;experimental studies;geochemical cycle;Germany ;graphitization ;instruments ;isotopes ;Jena Germany;laboratory studies;mass spectroscopy;measurement ;radioactive isotopes;Radiocarbon Analysis Laboratory Jena;research ;sample preparation;spectroscopy

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