The University of Arizona
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Using a gas ion source for radiocarbon AMS and GC-AMS.

Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Peter Ditchfield, Martin Humm


This paper reports on the performance of a new method of sample injection using the High Voltage Engineering Europa (HVEE) SO-110 ion source jointly developed between HVEE and Oxford. In order to use this source, we have developed a new gas handling system which works on the direct injection of carbon dioxide mixed into a continuous flow of helium. Preliminary work has also been carried out on online gas chromatography-accelerator mass spectrometry (GC-AMS). In this application, a GC is directly coupled to the AMS system using a GC-IRMS combustion interface and Nafion (super TM) drier. We show here results for the measurement of natural abundance in separated compounds with good peak separation and precisions of about 10%. This type of system should be ideal for source apportionment studies, biomedical, and other similar work where high precision is not required but where sample sizes are very low.


accelerator mass spectroscopy;C 13 C 12;carbon ;carbon dioxide;gas chromatography;gases ;helium ;High Voltage Engineering Europa;ions ;isotope ratios;isotopes ;mass spectroscopy;noble gases;precision ;sample injection method;spectroscopy ;stable isotopes

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