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Initial results with low energy single stage AMS.

J B Schroeder, T M Hauser, G A Norton, G M Klody


The National Electrostatics Corporation has built and tested a prototype low energy, open-air, single stage carbon accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) system (patent pending). The configuration tested has a standard 40-sample, multicathode SNICS source on a 300-kV deck. The beam is mass analyzed before acceleration to a gas stripper located at ground. The (super 14) C (super +) ions are separated from (super 13) C (super +) and (super 12) C (super +) arising from the molecular breakup by a 90 degrees analyzing magnet immediately after the gas stripper which acts as a molecular dissociator. The (super 14) C (super +) beam passes through an electrostatic spherical analyzer before entering the particle detector. The observed (super 14) C/ (super 12) C precision is better than 5 per mil with a sensitivity of better than 0.05 dpm/gmC. A first single stage AMS system has been ordered. The configuration of this system will be discussed.


accelerator mass spectra;accelerator mass spectroscopy;C 12;C 13;C 14;C 14 C 12;carbon ;electrons ;experimental studies;ions ;isotopes ;mass spectra;mass spectroscopy;radioactive isotopes;spectra ;spectroscopy ;stable isotopes

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