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New Delta R values for the Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Fiona Petchey, Matthew Phelan, J Peter White


Delta R results of known-age shells from the Solomon and Coral Seas and the northwest coast of New Ireland are presented. The results are too few to be conclusive but indicate that Delta R in this region is variable. An average Delta R value of 370+ or -25 yr is recorded for a range of shell species from Kavieng Harbor, New Ireland, and is primarily attributed to weak equatorial upwelling of depleted (super 14) C due to seasonal current reversals. In contrast, values from the Solomon and Coral Seas are lower (average Delta R = 45+ or -19 yr). Higher Delta R values for some shellfish from these 2 seas is attributed to ingestion of (super 14) C-depleted sediment by deposit-feeding species.


absolute age;Australasia ;C 13 C 12;C 14;C 14 C 12;calibration ;carbon ;Cenozoic ;concentration ;Coral Sea;dates ;Duke of York Islands;Holocene ;Invertebrata ;isotope ratios;isotopes ;Mollusca ;New Ireland;Pacific Ocean;Papua New Guinea;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;shells ;Solomon Sea;South Pacific;Southwest Pacific;spatial variations;stable isotopes;West Pacific

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