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The comparison of (super 14) C wiggle-matching results for the "floating" tree-ring chronology of the Ulandryk-4 burial ground (Altai Mountains, Siberia).

Yaroslav V Kuzmin, Igor Y Slusarenko, Irka Hajdas, Georges Bonani, J Andres Christen


Two independent (super 14) C data sets of 10 tree-ring samples from the longest master chronology of the Pazyryk cultural complex were obtained and wiggle-matched to the absolute timescale. The results show very good agreement, within 10-15 calendar yr. The Ulandryk-4 burial ground (mound 1) was dated to about 320-310 cal BC, and this is consistent with wiggle-matching of the Pazyryk burial ground date series.


absolute age;Altai Mountains;archaeological sites;archaeology ;Asia ;Bayesian analysis;C 14;calibration ;carbon ;Cenozoic ;dates ;Holocene ;Iron Age;isotopes ;Pazyryk Valley;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;Siberia ;statistical analysis;tree rings;Ulandryk site;upper Holocene;wiggle match method;wood

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