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Carbon isotopic composition of tree rings as a tool for biomonitoring CO (sub 2) level.

Slawomira Pawelczyk, Anna Pazdur


Carbon isotopes are widely used as indicators in the study of atmospheric CO (sub 2) variability in space and time. Preliminary results are part of a project investigating (super 13) C and (super 14) C concentration changes during the last 150 yr in Poland, both in industrial and ecologically clean regions, using annual tree rings (Pinus sylvestris, Populus nigra). The results describe the local Suess effect recorded in the industrial Krakow and Upper Silesia regions compared to changes of background radiocarbon concentration caused by global human activity in a "clean region", Augustow Wilderness. The delta (super 13) C record also shows the influence of the local Suess effect.


atmosphere ;Augustow Poland;C 13 C 12;C 14 C 12;carbon ;carbon dioxide;Cenozoic ;Central Europe;concentration ;Cracow Poland;environmental effects;Europe ;geochemistry ;Holocene ;human activity;isotope ratios;isotopes ;Poland ;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;stable isotopes;Suess effect;Suwalki Poland;tree rings;Upper Silesia;variations ;wood

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