The University of Arizona
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Review of tropospheric bomb (super 14) C data for carbon cycle modeling and age calibration purposes.

Quan Hua, Mike Barbetti


Comprehensive published radiocarbon data from selected atmospheric records, tree rings, and recent organic matter were analyzed and grouped into 4 different zones (three for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the whole Southern Hemisphere). These (super 14) C data for the summer season of each hemisphere were employed to construct zonal, hemispheric, and global data sets for use in regional and global carbon model calculations including calibrating and comparing carbon cycle models. In addition, extended monthly atmospheric (super 14) C data sets for 4 different zones were compiled for age calibration purposes. This is the first time these data sets were constructed to facilitate the dating of recent organic material using the bomb (super 14) C curves. The distribution of bomb (super 14) C reflects the major zones of atmospheric circulation.


absolute age;atmosphere ;C 14;C 14 C 12;calibration ;carbon ;concentration ;dates ;explosions ;global ;isotopes ;Northern Hemisphere;nuclear explosions;radioactive isotopes;Southern Hemisphere;stable isotopes;temporal distribution;tree rings;troposphere ;variations

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