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NotCal04; comparison/ calibration (super 14) C records 26-50 cal kyr BP.

J van der Plicht, J W Beck, E Bard, M G L Baillie, P G Blackwell, C E Buck, M Friedrich, T P Guilderson, K A Hughen, B Kromer, F G McCormac, C Bronk Ramsey, P J Reimer, R W Reimer, S Remmele, D A Richards, J R Southon, M Stuiver, C E Weyhenmeyer


The radiocarbon calibration curve IntCal04 extends back to 26 cal kyr BP. While several high-resolution records exist beyond this limit, these data sets exhibit discrepancies of up to several millennia. As a result, no calibration curve for the time range 26-50 cal kyr BP can be recommended as yet, but in this paper the IntCal04 working group compares the available data sets and offers a discussion of the information that they hold.


absolute age;C 14;calibration ;carbon ;Cenozoic ;corrections ;geochronology ;isotopes ;lacustrine environment;lake sediments;marine sediments;planar bedding structures;Pleistocene ;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;sclerochronology ;sedimentary structures;sediments ;solution features;speleothems ;upper Pleistocene;varves

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