The University of Arizona
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Cariaco Basin calibration update; revisions to calendar and (super 14) C chronologies for core PL07-58PC.

Konrad A Hughen, John R Southon, Chanda J H Bertrand, Brian Frantz, Paula Zermeno


This paper describes the methods used to develop the Cariaco Basin PL07-58PC marine radiocarbon calibration data set. Background measurements are provided for the period when Cariaco samples were run, as well as revisions leading to the most recent version of the floating varve chronology. The floating Cariaco chronology has been anchored to an updated and expanded Preboreal pine tree-ring data set, with better estimates of uncertainty in the wiggle-match. Pending any further changes to the dendrochronology, these results represent the final Cariaco 58PC calibration data set.


absolute age;Atlantic Ocean;C 14;calibration ;carbon ;Cariaco Basin;Caribbean Sea;Cenozoic ;cores ;corrections ;dates ;Foraminifera ;geochronology ;Invertebrata ;isotopes ;marine sediments;microfossils ;North Atlantic;planar bedding structures;Protista ;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;sedimentary structures;sediments ;tree rings;upper Quaternary;varves

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