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Marine04 marine radiocarbon age calibration, 0-26 cal kyr BP.

Konrad A Hughen, Mike G L Baillie, Edouard Bard, J Warren Beck, Chanda J H Bertrand, Paul G Blackwell, Caitlin E Buck, George S Burr, Kirsten B Cutler, Paul E Damon, Richard L Edwards, Richard G Fairbanks, Michael Friedrich, Thomas P Guilderson, Bernd Kromer, Gerry McCormac, Sturt Manning, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Paula J Reimer, Ron W Reimer, Sabine Remmele, John R Southon, Minze Stuiver, Sahra Talamo, F W Taylor, Johannes van der Plicht, Constanze E Weyhenmeyer


New radiocarbon calibration curves, IntCal04 and Marine04, have been constructed and internationally ratified to replace the terrestrial and marine components of IntCal98. The new calibration data sets extend an additional 2000 yr, from 0-26 cal kyr BP (Before Present, 0 cal BP = AD 1950), and provide much higher resolution, greater precision, and more detailed structure than IntCal98. For the Marine04 curve, dendrochronologically-dated tree-ring samples, converted with a box diffusion model to marine mixed-layer ages, cover the period from 0-10.5 cal kyr BP. Beyond 10.5 cal kyr BP, high-resolution marine data become available from foraminifera in varved sediments and U/Th-dated corals. The marine records are corrected with site-specific (super 14) C reservoir age information to provide a single global marine mixed-layer calibration from 10.5-26.0 cal kyr BP. A substantial enhancement relative to IntCal98 is the introduction of a random walk model, which takes into account the uncertainty in both the calendar age and the (super 14) C age to calculate the underlying calibration curve (Buck and Blackwell, this issue). The marine data sets and calibration curve for marine samples from the surface mixed layer (Marine04) are discussed here. The tree-ring data sets, sources of uncertainty, and regional offsets are presented in detail in a companion paper by Reimer et al. (this issue).


absolute age;Anthozoa ;Atlantic Ocean;C 14;calibration ;carbon ;Cariaco Basin;Caribbean Sea;Cenozoic ;Coelenterata ;corrections ;dates ;geochronology ;Invertebrata ;isotopes ;marine sediments;models ;North Atlantic;planar bedding structures;Quaternary ;radioactive isotopes;sedimentary structures;sediments ;Th U;tree rings;uncertainty ;upper Quaternary;varves

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