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Reservoir corrections for marine samples from the South Atlantic Coast, Santa Catarina State, Brazil.

C J Eastoe, S Fish, P Fish, M Dulce Gaspar, A Long


Coeval shell and charcoal from Santa Catarina State, Brazil, differ systematically in (super 14) C content, indicating a reservoir effect in marine samples. For modern samples (AD 1939-2000) and archeological samples (2500-1595 BP), the mean (super 14) C age difference between marine and atmospheric carbon is 220+ or -20 years, the marine carbon being older. For three samples dated AD 1939-1944, a distinct reservoir correction of 510+ or -10 years is also observed. The ages of archeological shell samples from Jabuticabeira may be corrected by subtracting 220 years from the apparent (super 14) C ages.


South Atlantic;Jabuticabeira Brazil;Santa Catarina Brazil;inorganic materials;Atlantic Ocean;marine environment;Brazil;South America;archaeology;archaeological sites;Holocene;Cenozoic;charcoal;Quaternary;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;shells;absolute age

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