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(super 14) C and (super 18) O in Siberian syngenetic ice-wedge complexes.

chuk K Vasil, chuk C Vasil


We discuss the possibility of dating ice wedges by the radiocarbon method. We show as an example the Seyaha, Kular and Zelyony Mys ice wedge complexes, and investigated various organic materials from permafrost sediments. We show that the reliability of dating (super 18) O variations from ice wedges can be evaluated by comparison of different organic materials from host sediments in the ice wedge cross sections.


Kolyma Valley;Kular Complex;Kular Range;Seyaha Complex;Zelyony Mys Complex;ice wedges;periglacial features;detritus;Tyumen Russian Federation;Yamal;Yamal Nenets Russian Federation;O 18 O 16;oxygen;upper Quaternary;isotope ratios;paleoclimatology;Russian Federation;Siberia;organic compounds;permafrost;Yakutia Russian Federation;paleotemperature;peat;Commonwealth of Independent States;bones;sediments;Asia;Cenozoic;Quaternary;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;stable isotopes;absolute age

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