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Wadi Shaw 82/ 52; (super 14) C dates from a peridynastic site in Northwest Sudan, supporting the Egyptian historical chronology.

Mathias Lange


In the framework of the interdisciplinary project "Settlement History of the Eastern Sahara" at the Universitat zu Koln, a large number of sites were excavated during the 1980s in northern Sudan, where the Laqiya-region with the Wadi Shaw and Wadi Sahal was one of the main research areas. About 150 sites have been surveyed and partly excavated. One of these sites, Wadi Shaw 82/52, yielded sherds of a Maidum bowl, which is dateable to the Egyptian IVth and Vth Dynasty. This site was dated by four radiocarbon dates. The dates are compared with the historical chronology of Egypt for the IVth and Vth Dynasty, and are shown to be in good agreement.


Northwest Sudan;Wadi Shaw 82 52 Site;Sudan;East Africa;artifacts;Africa;Egypt;North Africa;archaeology;archaeological sites;isotope ratios;Holocene;Cenozoic;charcoal;Quaternary;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;C 13 C 12;stable isotopes;absolute age

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