The University of Arizona
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La Jolla natural radiocarbon measurements IV.

Carl L Hubbs, George S Bien, Hans E Suess


Carbon-14 dates are reported for both geologic and archeologic samples from Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Mexico, Brazil, Northern Ireland, Africa, Australia, and Indonesia. Results, grouped geographically, show sea-level changes and shore processes in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Northern Ireland, Australia, and Indonesia; deep-sea sediments in Gulf of Alaska and Golfo de California; old and modern lake sediments in Africa, California, and Mexico; pedogenesis and alluviation in California and Mexico; geochemical processes in carbonates from California, Colorado, and Mexico; paleozoography in Northern Ireland; and archeology in Oregon, California, and Mexico.


United States;Mexico;La Jolla laboratory;United States and Mexico;La Jolla laboratory C 14 dates;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;absolute age

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