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University of Wisconsin radiocarbon dates VI.

Margaret M Bender, Reid A Bryson, David A Baerreis


Radiocarbon dates obtained since December 1967 are included in this list. Archeologic samples are from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Collection and dating of fossil organic material for the study of Canadian paleoenvironments continues with the object of further delineating by palynology and stratigraphy the extent and nature of vegetational and climatic changes already established in central and northern Canada. Geologic samples are from Alberta, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories.


rocks;palynology;Alberta;Oklahoma;artifacts;Illinois;Wisconsin;Canada;Manitoba;Iowa;Northwest Territories;Western Canada;stratigraphy;paleoclimatology;organic compounds;organic materials;United States;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;absolute age

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