The University of Arizona

Response to Bonsall et al. “Food for Thought: Re-Assessing Mesolithic Diets in the Iron Gates”

Olaf Nehlich, Dušan Borić


Here, we reply to the attempt by Bonsall et al. (2015) to re-assess our results from the sulfur isotopic study of bone collagen from Mesolithic and Neolithic sites along the Danube in the Iron Gates Gorges area (Nehlich et al. 2010). Although we are highly interested to see our data re-assessed, we found certain misinterpretations, mistaken assumptions, and factual errors regarding our results. Therefore, we want to respond and re-assess our previous data, too. We establish for a few individuals a quantitative dietary reconstruction to demonstrate the reliability of our earlier interpretations.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_rc.57.18678

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