The University of Arizona

Radiocarbon Dating of the Necropolis of the Early Christian Site of Son Peretó (Mallorca, Balearic Islands)

Miquel Cau, Mateu Riera, Magdalena Salas, Mark Van Strydonck


Radiocarbon dates, obtained from different human bones found in several tombs of the site of Son Peretó, are presented and discussed together with the stratigraphical evidence and the study of the material culture. The calibrated dates show that the tombs were built earlier than the main phase of occupation of the West Sector, therefore belonging to a necropolis linked to the Christian building prior to the transformation of the area into a habitation nucleus. The necropolis is 14C dated mainly to the 6th century AD. This is in good agreement with the chronology provided by ceramic materials.

DOI: 10.2458/56.17458


14C dates, necropolis, Christian building

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