The University of Arizona

The Neolithization of Siberia and the Russian Far East: Major Spatiotemporal Trends (the 2013 State-of-the-Art)

Yaroslav V Kuzmin


The updated chronology of the earliest pottery-containing complexes in Siberia and the Russian Far East is presented herein. The appearance of pottery (i.e. the process of Neolithization) in this vast region of Eurasia is discussed based on a model that represents a simple approximation of calendar ages between key sites as isolines. No clear spatiotemporal patterns for the origin and spread of pottery in northern Asia can be observed because pottery-making (unlike agriculture) could have emerged in different parts of the Old World at various times. Before modeling of pottery dispersal is conducted, careful evaluation of typology and technology of ceramics and stone artifacts should be done, in order to avoid the confusing situation when the results of modeling contradict the basic archaeological information.

DOI: 10.2458/56.16938


Neolithization, pottery spread, northern Asia

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