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High-Precision Bayesian Modeling of Samples Susceptible to Inbuilt Age

Michael Dee, C Bronk Ramsey


Radiocarbon dates on samples susceptible to inbuilt age are common in the chronological record of many archaeological and environmental sites. Indeed, fragments of charcoal and wood are sometimes the only materials sufficiently well preserved for dating. However, where high-precision estimates are required the extra uncertainty associated with such measurements often renders them unusable. This article tests three Bayesian modeling approaches that are designed to tackle this problem. The findings of our study suggest that successful corrections can be made for the inherent age offsets. The most effective and versatile approach was based on a version of outlier analysis. It is hoped that this method will become more widely employed and enable samples susceptible to inbuilt age to be included in high-precision chronologies.

DOI: 10.2458/56.16685


Radiocarbon; Bayesian Modelling; Inbuilt Age; Charcoal

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