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A correction for in-situ (super 14) C in Antarctic ice with (super 14) CO

Job van Roijen, Klaas van der Borg, Arie de Jong, Johannes Oerlemans


We use a dry extraction method to obtain trapped CO2 of shallow ice cores from a blue ice area of East Antarctica. In-situ-produced 14C extracted in 14C02 and 14C0 concentrations show a mean ratio of 3.4 ± 0.4. Correction for insitu 14C02 resulted in ice ages within 7-13 ka. The accumulation and ablation rates determined from the in-situ production of 7-20 cm yr-1 and 10-13 cm yr-1, respectively, agree with field measurements, and thus indicate close to total efficiency of extraction.


ablation;ice;corrections;Antarctica;hydrology;carbon monoxide;ice cores;in situ;Holocene;Cenozoic;Quaternary;methods;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;carbon dioxide;absolute age

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