The University of Arizona

Status Report of the New AMS 14C Sample Preparation Lab of the Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies (Debrecen, Hungary)

M Molnár, R Janovics, I Major, J Orsovszki, R Gönczi, M Veres, A G Leonard, S M Castle, T E Lange, L Wacker, I Hajdas, A J T Jull


We document chemical laboratory procedures and results on international comparison samples at the Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies, Debrecen, Hungary. We also show results using the new MICADAS system and compare these results to internationally recognized standards and blank materials. The newly developed sample preparation system in HEKAL can handle samples as 1) organic material, 2) cellulose fraction of plant, 3) bones, 4) carbonate and shell, and 5) dissolved inorganic carbon of groundwater. The results of radiocarbon measurements on intercomparison samples confirm the reliability of the sample preparation system at HEKAL Lab and also the good performance of the MICADAS 14C system. The blank levels for each type of sample of 1 mg C carbon content are well reproducible, ~0.3–0.5 pMC.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16394


AMS, C-14 , sample preparation

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