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Carbon Isotope Composition of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in Southern Poland: Imprint of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions in Regional Biosphere

Anna Pazdur, Tadeusz Kuc, Sławomira Pawełczyk, Natalia Piotrowska, Barbara Sensuła, Kazimierz Różański


Southern Poland is home to numerous large mining and energy industry facilities, which consume relatively great amounts of fossil fuels. Temporal and spatial distribution of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere were estimated on the basis of 13C and 14C isotope measurements in atmospheric CO2 and in α-cellulose from pine tree rings. The Suess effect was evaluated in the atmospheric CO2 from the High Tatra Mountains (Kasprowy Wierch) and the urban area (Kraków), as well as in tree rings from Niepołomice Forest near Kraków. Two different models were used to estimate the emission component recorded in tree ring δ13C on the background of climatic changes.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16286


CO2 emission; carbon isotopes

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