The University of Arizona

Dating Anomalies in the Archaeology of the 7th Century BC

Robert M Porter, Michael W Dee


Two recently published sets of radiocarbon dates, one from Mesopotamia and one from Anatolia, gave anomalous results. On the basis of historical analysis, both sets were expected to date to the 7th century BC. However, the 14C results were more than a century older than this. We tested samples from an Egyptian mummy, also historically dated to the 7th century BC, to see if such discrepancies were more widespread at this time. We did not find evidence of such a problem, but the results do provide insights into the reuse of old wood in ancient Egyptian coffins. We include publication of an earlier set of dates from the same mummy and coffin set.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16267

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