The University of Arizona

Sealed Glass Tube Combustion of µg-Sized Aerosol Samples

Johan Genberg, N Perron, M Olsson, K Stenström


It is important to evaluate each step in radiocarbon analysis to ensure that the whole process is as efficient and accurate as possible. Aerosol filter samples contain a myriad of carbonaceous compounds with varying resistance to oxidation. Complete combustion of the sample is thus of great importance to ensure that the graphitized sample is representative of the original filter sample. We have evaluated sealed tube combustion of µg-sized aerosol samples using different types and amounts of reagents. Successful analysis of aerosol samples as small as 20 µg C was possible following small changes to our standard on-line method. The sealed tube combustion method performs well for standard samples containing 11 µg C.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16250


Aerosols; combustion; µg-sized samples

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