The University of Arizona

Recent and Planned Developments of the Program OxCal

Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Sharen Lee


OxCal is a widely used software package for the calibration of radiocarbon dates and the statistical analysis of 14C and other chronological information. The program aims to make statistical methods easily available to researchers and students working in a range of different disciplines. This paper will look at the recent and planned developments of the package. The recent additions to the statistical methods are primarily aimed at providing more robust models, in particular through model averaging for deposition models and through different multiphase models. The paper will look at how these new models have been implemented and explore the implications for researchers who might benefit from their use. In addition, a new approach to the evaluation of marine reservoir offsets will be presented. As the quantity and complexity of chronological data increase, it is also important to have efficient methods for the visualization of such extensive data sets and methods for the presentation of spatial and geographical data embedded within planned future versions of OxCal will also be discussed.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16215


Radiocarbon Calibration Statistics GIS

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