The University of Arizona

Radionuclide Studies of Stony Meteorites from Hot Deserts

A J Timothy Jull, Marlène D Giscard, Aurore Hutzler, Caitlin J Schnitzer, David Zahn, George S Burr, Lanny R McHargue, Dolores Hill


We summarize the use of radiocarbon produced by spallation in meteorites in space to determine their terrestrial age or residence time. This “age” gives us important information as it can be compared to the rates of weathering and infall of meteorites. The processes that affect the collection of meteorites in a given area can be related to the rates of infall of new meteorites, and the rate of removal by chemical weathering and physical erosion.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.55.16202


meteorites; terrestrial age; cosmic rays

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