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Early Subneolithic Ceramic Sequences in Eastern Fennoscandia—A Bayesian Approach

Petro Pesonen, Markku Oinonen, Christian Carpelan, Päivi Onkamo


In this contribution, we establish a radiocarbon-based chronology of early ceramic sequences in eastern Fennoscandia utilizing a Bayesian approach. The data consist of 56 individual 14C dates from charred or fermented food remains (charred crust, food residue) and birch bark tar used to seal cracks in vessels. We present the results of the models, discuss the chronological boundaries obtained, and compare the outcome with contemporary archaeological knowledge of the Subneolithic in eastern Fennoscandia. We also look at the role of charred crust δ13C values as indicators of reservoir effect present in the dates, perform some preliminary correction procedures for the dates, and discuss their effect on the chronologies.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.v54i3–4.16138

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