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Dating of Late Pleistocene Tree-Ring Series from Japan

J van der Plicht, M Imamura, M Sakamoto


We have radiocarbon dated series of tree rings from 2 fossil trees (named ND-113 and the Fuji tree) buried in fossil volcanic avalanche deposits in Japan. They are dendrochronologically floating, dating beyond the tree-ring part of the 14C calibration curve. The trees show about 350 and 400 annual rings, respectively, which are dated in intervals of 2 to 10 yr. Both sequences are wiggle-matched to the calibration curve IntCal09. This resulted in an age range of 16,534–16,204 cal BP for ND-113, and 23,678–23,290 cal BP for the Fuji tree.

DOI: 10.2458/azu_js_rc.v54i3–4.15855

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