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Lamont natural radiocarbon measurements, [Part] 7.

Edwin A Olson, Wallace S Broecker


Radiocarbon-age measurements reported here were made at Lamont Geological Observatory between July 1958 and November 1960. Sample descriptions are classified as follows: 1) samples associated with glacial deposits, 2) samples associated with marine coastal deposits, 3) samples associated with marine coastal deposits uplifted by glacial rebound, 4) samples associated with pluvial-lake deposits, 5) samples from deep-sea cores, 6) samples from cave deposits, 7) miscellaneous samples of geologic interest, 8) samples of archeologic interest. Ages reported here are obtained by CO (sub 2) gas-proportional counting at 1 or 2 atmospheres pressure in 2- or 5-liter counters. At best, finite ages between 40,000 and 45,000 yr. are the upper limit, although no samples in this range are reported here. As adopted at the Groningen Radiocarbon Conference of 1959, the contemporary activity used in age calculations is here taken as 95% of the activity of standard oxalic acid (distributed by NBS). Unless otherwise stated, all samples in this list are calculated on this basis. Thus, if any sample reported here is identical with that dated by another laboratory using the same contemporary value, ages should agree within experimental error.


Lamont Geological Observatory list;C 14;carbon;dates;isotopes;radioactive isotopes;absolute age

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