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  • Vol 43, No 1-2 (2008) - Articles
    Dust from comet Wild 2: Interpreting particle size, shape, structure, and composition from impact features on the Stardust aluminum foils
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  • Vol 42, No 7-8 (2007) - Articles
    A cornucopia of presolar and early solar system materials at the micrometer size range in primitive chondrite matrix
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  • Vol 40, No 7 (2005) - Articles
    A Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction study of ordinary chondrites: Quantification of modal mineralogy and implications for redox conditions during metamorphism
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 39, No 5 (2004) - Articles
    The preservation state of organic matter in micrometeorites in Antarctica
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 39, No 1 (2004) - Articles
    Modal mineralogy of carbonaceous chondrites by X-ray diffraction and Mssbauer spectroscopy
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  • Vol 37, No 12 (2002) - Articles
    Clay mineral-organic matter relationships in the early solar system
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  • Vol 44, No 10 (2009) - Articles
    In situ analysis of residues resulting from laboratory impacts into aluminum 1100 foil: Implications for Stardust crater analyses
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