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  • Vol 43, No 8 (2008) - Articles
    Valence state partitioning of V between pyroxene-melt: Effects of pyroxene and melt composition, and direct determination of V valence states by XANES. Application to Martian basalt QUE 94201 composition.
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  • Vol 43, No 7 (2008) - Articles
    Petrogenetic linkages among Martian basalts: Implications based on trace element chemistry of olivine
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  • Vol 40, No 8 (2005) - Articles
    Defining the mechanisms that disturb the Sm-Nd isotopic systematics of the Martian meteorites: Examples from Dar al Gani 476 and Allan Hills 77005
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  • Vol 37, No 7 (2002) - Articles
    An experimental and petrographic investigation of Elephant Moraine 79001 lithology A: Implications for its petrogenesis and the partitioning of chromium and vanadium in a martian basalt
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