The University of Arizona

A hydrocode equation of state for SiO2



The thermodynamic properties of SiO2 are approximated over a range of pressures and temperatures important under the extreme conditions achieved in impacts at typical solar system velocities from 5 to about 70 km/s. The liquid/vapor phase curve and critical point of SiO2 are computed using the equation of state (EOS) program ANEOS. To achieve this goal, two shortcomings of ANEOS are corrected. ANEOS, originally developed at Sandia National Laboratories to describe metals, treats the vapor phase as a monatomic mixture of atoms, rather than molecular clusters. It also assumes a Morse potential for the expanded solid state. Neither of these assumptions is accurate for geologic materials, such as SiO2, that contain molecular clusters in the vapor phase and are better described by a Mie-type potential in the solid state. Using the updates described here, an EOS adequate for numerical hydrocode computations is constructed that agrees well with shock data at pressures up to at least 600 GPa and temperatures up to 50,000 K. This EOS also gives a good representation of the liquid/vapor transition at much lower pressures and temperatures. The estimated critical point parameters for SiO2 are Pc = 0.19 GPa, Tc = 5400K, ρc = 550 kg/m^3.


critical point;impact;SiO2;equation of state

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